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Husband and wife relationship

5 Signs That Shows a Lady Might be a Good Wife Material.

Marriage is a totally different ball game when it comes to the issue of romance or a mutual relationship. Seeking a woman for marriage is something that should be done with enormous care in other not to amount to future regret. As a man who desires to get married, probably to the woman of your dreams; it then becomes important you watch out for certain qualities so as to increase your chances of marrying the kind of woman you will be happy to spend your life with. Well, it is important to note that these qualities aren’t the only description of a wife material, as they are other numerous points we can not broadly cover. See the 5 signs below.

1. Being prayerful and morally upright.

This is one quality you don’t get to see in most ladies these days. A lady who is fervently committed to her spiritual life and doesn’t compromise in her morality is definitely a woman who will likely make a good wife. I know you might want to ask; “what if she was pretending just to create a positive impression?”. Well, if she exercises this lifestyle of spirituality for more than a year; then I think she isn’t faking it, and she is probably genuine.

2. Being a good cook.

Although, this trait does not fully measure a true quality of a wife material, however; no man wants to return home from work only to find out his wife has made a soup with excess salt, pepper or sugar. Every man heavily desires a tasty meal, hence; having a woman who can satisfy such instinctive taste is definitely worth having around.

3. When she is passionate about children and the wellbeing of others around her.

This can be seen in the way she relates with the children in her neighbourhood, and also her gesture towards them. Psychological studies have shown that ladies who are passionate about children in general, turn out to be great mothers and guardians to their children and other people’s children as well. 

4. When she has a caring attitude.

Having a caring nature or attitude isn’t something that can be faked; at least not for long. A lady who is naturally caring and emotional in her dealings with you and others is a woman who fits into a proper wife description. This atom of care can be shown in her dealing with others, her kind gesture, her attitude of generosity towards you, and when she is compassionate about others, most especially people who are in disadvantageous positions.

5. When she is supportive.

When a lady goes out of her way and comfort to render a helping hand or support to you is a clue she could be good wife material. I am not saying you should marry a lady simply because she rendered financial assistance to you in your greatest time of need, all I am saying is that a lady who can give this sort of help is worth considering, because not many ladies are willing to render this sort of help, most especially to guys.

6. When she is naturally organized.

The word “organized” in this context includes the broad concept of tidiness, possessing a nice sense of fashion, being prudent with resources, adopting a fine communicative skill and having a healthy social life. A woman who has the aforementioned qualities and more is no doubt a woman to be considered for marriage.

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