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Male Menopause: The Changes That Take Place In The Body Of A Man As He Gets Older

Do you know that there are certain changes that take place in the body of a man as he gets older? There are various changes that take place in the body of a man as he grows older, some of which can result in something more serious if not handled with care.

Men also face menopause same way women do but it's not same term. The right term for male menopause is andropause, manopause, male menopause in some cases. Likewise that of women, it involves the drastic reduction of the male hormone known as testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the facial and body hair, deep voice and various manly features men develop. So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the changes that take place in the body of a man when he gets older. Just sit tight and enjoy.

What Are The Changes that Take Place In A man's body?

The reduction of testosterone comes with certain disturbances or problems that affect the manly characteristics of most men. Research has shown that, starting from 30 years of age, the testosterone levels decreases by 10% every decade. When this happens, men start losing some things they had when they were younger. Below are some of the more direct changes that take place in a man's body when he gets older.

1. Low Drive for intimacy; due to reduction or drastic decrease in testosterone, most men who have hit andropause, lose interest in intimacy even with their partners.

2. Difficulties getting an erection and even maintaining the erection. Some men also find out that their erections are much more weaker and soft than it used to be. Older men who are 50 and above, often find it difficult to have quality intimacy with their partners because of this natural aging process.

3. Lack of energy; the hormone known as testosterone is the burning force behind every man's energy and manly features but when it drops, a man might start noticing a sudden lack of energy.

4. Increased body fat

5. Loss of strength or muscle mass. The muscle is also hugely controlled by the male hormone but it will start going down significantly as a man passes through menopause.

6. Hot flashes, this is a common reaction of the body to the changes in hormone. Men feel almost same way women feel when they hit menopause.

7. There is also a high chance of developing osteoporosis or more chronic health disorders and problems. So men are advised to have less stress, eat quality meals and also keep fit regularly than just leading a sedentary lifestyle.

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