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Husband and wife relationship

FICTION: Story Of A Girl who Pour Acid On Her Best Friend For Sleeping With Her Husband

My husband and i are both married for 3 years now, and we are both finding it difficult to have a baby , so we both decided to visit the doctor and we were told i was barren and can't hear children

I became unhappy for several days , i couldn't be myself anymore, my husband decided to call my best friend to come Cheers me up.

My best friend obeyed my husband and came to visit, but the pain of not being able to hear children for my husband, i decided to leave my husband's house without his knowledge, he looked everywhere for me but he couldn't found me.

After 3 Months i return home, my husband was so angry with me and didn't gave me any attention, i kept on wondering what's going on with him , at that time my best friend was still living with us. My husband and i lived like stranger's for several Months

One faithful Monday i came back from work early, my husband always returned late from work, but i was surprised i me his car outside.

Entering the bedroom i saw my husband on top of my best friend, they didn't noticed me, i went to the store room , i collected an Acid then went back to the bedroom, then poured the Acid On Her face for being such a snitch.

Please what's my wrong? If you were in my shoes what would you have done?

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