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Types Of Body Language A Lady Can Use To Charm A Man She Likes

We have some conversations with people and do it with body language. People usually understand whatever message we are trying to pass across to them.

However, there are body gestures that can make a woman appear attractive to any man she likes.

The following are body gestures that can make any lady irresistible to the guy she wants to attract.

Maintain Eye Contact With Him, Smile At Him, And Turn Away

That's the best charming way a lady can look at a man and make him develop an interest in her.

The moment you establish eye contact with him for like five seconds, smile at him and then turn away.

He will start thinking of ways to get close to you.

Raise Your Head And Expose Your Neck

You can do this by throwing your hair to the back, raising your head, and displaying your neck.

A woman's neck makes her appear charming, and it's one of the qualities they look for in a contestant for a beauty pageant.

Sit Straight And Look Up

If you're sitting in a chair, always sit straight and look up. Don't bow your head while looking at your phone.

Raise your head and chest with both hands open. Don't fold your hands or embrace your handbag.

Make sure your arms are open. It shows that you are available for a chat.

Never Keep Your Hands In Your Pocket

Keeping your hands in your pocket might make any guy think you don't want a handshake.

Face Him

Always face the man you are trying to charm whenever you are having a conversation with him.

Even if he's not facing you, always ensure that your chest is facing him directly.

Stand Like A Great Woman

Stand with your two legs wide open, resting one of your hands on your waist. This will make you look like a confident, successful, and interesting person.

Move Your Hips When You Are Walking

When you're walking and moving your hips, it will help catch the attention of a man who will approach you. But make sure it doesn't appear as if you are cat walking.

Gently Touch Your Hair Often

Most men like the hair of women. Just gently touch your hair once in a while when you're talking with him.

Let Your Eyes Look Radiant

If your eyes look bright, it will make you appear like someone who is very entertaining.

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