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One Mistake Men Should Stop Making When Eating Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit of the summer in the temperates but here in the tropics, they are seen virtually every time of the year. These fruits contain a pulp with colour ranging from pink to dark red which tastes sweet when ripe. The back of the fruit which houses the pulp is often green coloured and with a semi-hard texture, it is known as the rind of watermelon.

Source: Insider

They are blessed with several vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium etc. This fruit also contains an amino acid known as citrulline. This amino acid is more concentrated on the back of these fruits, that is the part known as the rind and yet, this rind is like the most neglected part of it, often disposed after the pulp is already consumed.

The health benefit of this citrulline is often more pronounced during love making in men. This amino acid helps relax the blood vessels to cause dilation.

Dilation in the blood vessels would result to a quality flow of blood to the organs. When a man is aroused, the influx of blood to the erectile tissue increases and this is why erection occurs. When there is a sufficient flow of blood to this tissue, the erection would be a competent one. 

Medical conditions that affect the flow of blood such as high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar and the rest of them can make the flow of blood to the erectile tissue inadequate, thus a less competent erection resulting.

Thus, men are advised to unlearn the habit of disposing the rinds of watermelon after eating the fleshy pulp and cultivate the habit of eating the rind as well. Just make sure you wash thoroughly so as ensure they are free from germs and then you can eat them with your watermelon. Your performance in the inner room will testify to this.

Source: Healthline

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