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5 Qualities Every Woman Needs To Work On And Should Master At Least 3

There are outstanding qualities that take women above their counterparts. Some of these qualities are not inherent but rather obtained and built on. Being a woman of value warrants that you work on these 5 aspects and hold the proficiency of at least 3.

1. Feminity

A woman's femininity in matters relating to relationships fulfills her man's physical desires, delivers emotional support and stimulates the mind, as well as forms an ethical connection. Women who attract males and keep their hearts are those who practice the principles of feminine radiance and discharge feminine energy. A woman working on her feminity also entails that she works on her aesthetics and appearances. 

2. Intellectual Challenging 

Being a woman is not all about looking beautiful, knowing how to cook, and making babies. Intellectual challenging women are most sought in times like this that is. As Prabal Gurung rightly said, "A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain is an absolutely lethal combination". A smart woman is a person who gets it quickly, lays ideas together easily, or comes up with creative solutions at home, school, or working place. 

3. Patience

A tolerating woman is someone capable of going far. Patience is one of the most significant virtues in a woman's professional life. And, having a child makes you appreciate its true meaning and you learn to imbibe it in your attitude. Motherhood educates you that everything can't be attained overnight, there is a method to the madness, and you need to capitalize time and effort to experience positive changes. 

4. Spirituality

This is an aspect that should in no way be devoid of a woman. Naturally, women tend to hold spiritual qualities more than men. In a typical African family, the mother is mostly the most spiritual. If found lacking, this is an area a woman ought to work and develop extensively.

5. Self Control 

A virtuous woman exercises profound self-control. Self-control allows one to regulate their unreasonable emotional and physical desires. This aspect goes far in making a woman make the right decisions for themselves. Self-control is the capacity to restrain and modify your responses to avoid unpleasant behaviors, increase modest and desirable ones, and achieve long-term goals.

What do you think of this article? Would working on these 5 attributes and at least holding the mastery of 3 improve the general quality of a woman? Please like and comment. 

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