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3 Mistakes some married men make when making love to their wife you should avoid

Every man wants to give his woman the best intimacy she's ever had and try to be extra careful during love making. Some even try to go wild just to please their woman and by doing this, end up ruining what could have been a great love making. It is important to know what and what not to do when making love to your wife.

Here are 3 common mistakes some men make when making love to their woman

1. Skipping foreplay

Some men are just so eager and immediately want to get down to business that they miss a very vital part of a good love making, 'FOREPLAY'. there's no need to rush things. Take it slow and enjoy the moment. You can start off with a light kiss instead of just going straight to pulling her pants down. You've got the whole night to yourself darling.

2. Losing the Tempo

A lot of men get carried away or lose control and start drilling to hard or just going too damn slow. Flow with the tempo your woman is giving you. Depending on the position you're making love, either of you gets to choose the tempo while the other just has to keep up the pace. If you're going too fast and she can't keep up the pace at which you're moving with, you slow down. Let her ride along with you. Don't just aim to get pleasure for yourself alone.

3. Not wanting to explore

Never make the mistake of turning a blind eye to exploring your woman, exploring other love making positions. You can always give yourself the assignment of finding out what happens when you hit this spot, when you touch that, her reactions to little things you do during love making. Also explore other love making positions and don't just go default with missionary all the time. There are hundreds of other positions you can try out.

You can always talk to your partner on how you two can improve your love making life.

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