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Before Bedtime: When You Dream And See Yourself in Danger And Tried to Pray, But Can't, This is the Meaning

Dreams are more than normal or physical. Science explains it in their own way saying it's what we think of before sleeping that the brain play when we sleep. That's science, but dreams are spiritual and you see people who got some revelations through dreams or the other.

Most times, it happens that you find yourself in positions of danger and you pray against it and things happen and you're free or safe. In some other cases, you find yourself in danger, but tried to pray and it is either as you try to shout, your voice doesn't come out loud and the evil prevails or you could not utter a word at all.

Whenever you find yourself in this position, or have this kind of dream, it is a sign that shows that you are not praying as much as you should and that you have separated yourself from God too long. It means you have to get back to God and start praying to stay strong and remove yourself from the vulnerability of the harms of the devil.

Take prayers seriously and stay close to your God as much as you can. Peace be with you.

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