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This Is What My Boyfriend Did To Me At My Friend's Birthday Party (Fiction)

This Is What my boyfriend did to me at my friend's birthday party. (Fiction).

Nifemi and I were dating since our second semester in the University. Though he was a Law Student, Nifemi used to do his night reading in my department's block.

I used to spend a lot of night in the lecture hall, to study in the night against the following morning. As a Communication Arts student, reading was very crucial, if one wanted to make a good CGPA at the end of the year.

That I was so passionate about my Profession, I was relentless on reading and research. I turned the school Library into my new hostel, because a greater part of my day hours were spent in the library.

I had met Nifemi, who came from the West to school in the same University with me . Nifemi met me during a GST 112 class, he started talking to me while the lecture was going on, but I kept mute and acted as if he was not talking to me.

The second time I met Nifemi was during our entrepreneurial studies test at Room 49/50 of the main campus, our campus was divided into two. He tried talking to me again but I shrugged him off and left for library. My first year in the University was resourceful though, I had heard about carry over, spill over and dropping out. I didn't want any of these to happen to me, that was why I denied myself all pleasure, and remained focused in learning.

I was happy with myself when my CGPA finally hit 4.7. I just confirmed that from my exams Officer, when we resumed our second semester in my third year. I had a great sense of relief then, because I was aware that the remaining semesters would not be hectic again. I started sleeping well, having time for fun and merriment in the hostel.

It was this second semester that my usual hostel was changed to Hall 6. I never had wished to live in hall 6 hostel because of the anomalies that used to take place in the previous semesters.

The hostel was always prone to robbery because it was close to ravin area of the school environment. Female occupants of the hostel were somewhat obsessive to some character anomalies too. I had always preferred Hall 1 right from inception, I couldn't do anything though, and I had to procceed with the semester. It was this semester that I was consistent at campus fellowship too, I joined choir wing and engaged in some female chores too.

Nifemi was a choir member here too, and we kept seeing each other in the church. He was still having two more years in the school, while I had only one year remaining. He had two years because he was reading law. I was now less busy with excessive reading because my workload had reduced drastically. Because of my new schedules, I had time for Nifemi, he had approached me severally after church, but I told him, "yes" in my first semester final year. I was so happy that my grade was still high, just in my second semester year 3, I had all A's.

I had said yes to Nife, because there was nothing to bother me again, we became friends with lot of fantasies, but I never had allowed him to get into me, I was principled, he wanted it a lot, but it was not possible to give it, though I was emotional, I loved with him.

I spent almost a year waiting for call up letter for NYSC, by this time, Nifemi had finished his program and proceeded to complete his Professional course. I was so happy that he made it too without spill over or dismissal, and we have been talking about marriage in few months immediately after his Professional exams.

My NYSC experience was awesome and I was posted to Ekiti, I never wished to relocate to Lagos though I had the money to settle all bills. I just believed everything happens by fate and by the programming of the supernatural one, as I also learnt from Philosophy and Human Existence.

Ekiti State was peaceful and calm, I really liked it, I was amazed when I visited Ikogosi waterfall: a spring where hot and cold water comes out from the rock from the same triangle. It was in NYSC campus that I went Lara. Lara had come back from Ghana, to serve in Nigeria, she and I became friends and were talking at all time, but Lara kept promising to relocate to Lagos after camp.

I couldn't stop Lara from relocating, but I was heartbroken that she left me when I needed a friend most, after camp.

Lara called me back in two weeks and had told me that she was stranded on where to live, as she was posted to work in a company in Victoria Island, Lagos. House rent was expensive in VI and the least self-contained apartment she saw, ran into few millions naira, which she could not afford.

I didn't wish to introduce her to my boyfriend, Nifemi. Nifemi and I had contributed money to pay for a two-bedroom apartment in Victoria Island. Though I contributed a greater percentage of the rent, I wanted to help my friend Lara to have where to stay.

It was because Nifemi had promised never to cheat on me or breakup with me, that I introduced Lara to live in one of our rooms, and Nifemi and I would manage the second part anytime I visit my boyfriend.

I went to Lagos to attend Lara's birthday after signing out from my PPA on that faithful Friday morning. I got to Lagos at about 5pm, when Nifemi was just returning from his project defence. I noticed that Nifemi's attitude had changed towards me, and I was worried.

"Maybe, it is because of his project defence," I cared free. I was surprised when Lara came back and did not talk to me as we used to, she only told me, "how far gal." I had thought whether she was quarreling with my boyfriend, and I wanted her to tell me what happened so I settle it, but she only said, "nothing." I could only remember she said, " I have a surprise for you at my birthday party." " Really?," I asked happily.

The birthday party was going on, when Lara put a jotter on my handbag. I followed her to the restroom when I saw her running towards the room, I never knew she wanted to vomit, I had some paracetamol in my handbag. I had thought she took some Hennessy.

It was exactly 10pm during that day, I had fainted multiply when Nifemi proposed to Lara, right there in front of me at the birthday party. I met my Waterloo, I had ruined my life, but Nifemi had promised me faithfulness like I did to him. Lara did not even allow him to say, "would you..." but had shouted, "Yes".

I never knew this would happen, Lara did this to me, and we couldn't get wedded together as "Cafe". My name is Clara and Nifemi, my boyfriend coined CAFE, for our wedding.

I had gone through the jotter Lara dropped inside my handbag, it was a note she dropped for me. She had recorded all the rounds they had fun together with Nifemi, how they both enjoyed those moments. She wrote to me that she was happy her husband to be, (Nifemi) was expecting baby with her. She even advised me to look for a better man like Nifemi, it was so sad that Lara did this to me after I had told her Nifemi's plan with me.

My friend, the very person I helped did this to me, so sad, I wept bitterly.

Please I need your opinion, who is to blame?

Thanks for reading, this story is purely fictional, just to reach lessons. The narrator is purely fictional and all pictures here are only used for illustrative purposes.

Content created and supplied by: Ms_Pretty (via Opera News )

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