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40 Beautiful Wedding pictures from Eastern and Western Nigeria

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Wedding is a marriage ceremony, and it follows up with different foods or meals and with lots of fun and happiness. It has to do with the legal joining of both the groom and the bride(husband and wife).Western wedding known as Yoruba marriage is performed based on Yoruba rites just the same way the Eastern wedding is performed based on Igbo rites.

See some stunning pictures of an Eastern and a Western wedding rite in their various attires.

Wedding is a consecrated process and also a well planned event with a huge budget and the greatest dream of everyone in the world.

Everyone has a big dream of getting married one day and to be celebrated by friends and family, to have an amazing marriage ceremony either if it is a custom or traditional wedding and to make use of luxuries material to make your wedding a, better one and to suit your choice.Some really takes their wedding as their greatest achievement, so they spend lots of money on their wedding to make a better and a luxury one.

Some prefer to do a custom wedding so has to use an extremely big hall and to perform their marriage rites.

Wedding comes up with lots of fun, parties and finally followed by great comes with many modernized features with some aspects such as Wedding dinner, Receptions and many other aspects.

Eastern and Western weddings comes with lots of fun such as some special wedding dances and different marriage rites kind of different from the Northern wedding in which they marry young girl and it is a bit different from Eastern and Western wedding.

In some cultures just like Hausa culture ,before the groom marries the bride, it depen on how rich the groom's family is and he may be asked to build a house for the bride's family and furnish the house with different wonderful stuffs.

Hausa wedding is also based on Islamic rites and the wedding events tend to last for a week.

Western and Eastern wedding looks cool and it has a better wedding arrangement.

Check some stunning and amazing wedding pictures below

Try to visit any Eastern, Western or a Northern wedding, don’t miss the opportunity

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