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Guy Calls off Marriage, Says He Met his Fiancé Drinking Alcohol in a Bar (Reactions)

Social media has been an avenue for people to connect, interact, share opinions and meet new people. When the world is being addressed as a global village, references are made to the internet and the opportunities therein. Countless number of people use the internet, which makes it a little village where people from different walks of life meet and interact. 

On the internet, values are learnt, cultures are promoted, countries, knowledge is acquired and learning takes place. It is very important to note that a lot of things go on on the internet which are in one way or the other, beneficial to the internet user. 

People who make very good use of the social media gain a lot from it. Doing businesses and making enough money for themselves. Many businesses thrive and survive ages because of the existence of the internet. Business owners post what they do on th internet and in return, get very high patronage. 

Most times, it favors people on the aspect of love and relationships as people meet very good individuals on the internet. Oftentimes, online friends who are interested in each other take their friendship offline, connect with each other and end up in marriage. 

People reacted after a Facebook storyteller, JohnBosco Ezeanochie took to his Facebook page to narrate how he will be calling off his marriage arrangements with a girl whom he truly loves. He went ahead to say that why he took the decision is because the girl is a drunkard.

From what he narrated, he saw the girl at an open bar carelessly drinking alcohol. To him, this singular act does not befit a lady who he plans to settle down in marriage with. 

Most of his friends in the comments section were seen telling him not to call off the marriage that it is not a crime for a lady to drink alcohol. 


What do you think about this? Is it wrong for a lady to drink alcohol in public? Do you support the guys decision of calling off the marriage?

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