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Opinion: Take note of These Words, The Inability to Say Them Have Broken up Many Homes

It is a great thing to finally get married After experiencing life in a different way. Your childhood days, teenage days and also your youthful days. Now you are mature and you are now a man or a woman since you have gotten married.

You have a symbol of respect attached to your name. As a man Mr is added, while as a woman Mrs is added. But the real thing that makes you a man or a woman is the ability to remain in your marriage till death do you path. This is one of the greatest challenges the couples of this present time are experiencing. We here about broken homes. Marriages of fifteen years, ten years, five years, one year are now broken, even marriages that are just some few months old are now broken.

The act of breaking up in marriage rarely happened in the day's of our forefathers. Then they understand each other, they could control their hanger and endure hardship. This is the major causes of breakup this days the inability of young couples to endure hardship. Many would say they did not come to this world to come and suffer. The inability to control hanger. Many people find it very difficult to let things go. They take things that are not suppose to be take serious really serious and that is the beginning of breakup in a home.

Here are some of the things that are not suppose to happen in a Marriage

1. Couples keeping malice with eachother: yes I know you think how possible, but yes some couples really are keeping malice with eachother. They many pretend to love eachother out side, deceiving the world. But really when you get closer to them, they do not talk to eachother at home.

2. Couples leaving a separate life at home: Some couples don't do things they are ment to together anymore. Instead they do it in their own different ways. Take for example couples having different rooms in the same house. Claiming that their is no problem, saying all they want is privacy.

3. Couples not spending time together again: when couples no longer have time for eachother. The feelings begins to fade away gradually.

4. Allowing a third party into your marriage: Most couples allow a third party into their homes, thinking they are their real friends, unknown to them that they are just home breakers.

5. Couples insulting eachother: some couples insult each other when having s little quarrel. Some don't even mind insulting eachother in the presence of their kids, and this is not a good thing because their kids are watching and learning.

6. Couples fighting: some couples even go into physical combat.

Research as being made and it has being discovered that their are some simple and powerful words that could be said that could help prevent all these acts listed above from happening.

Here are the words and why they are that powerful

1. Please: many people do no want to say please while asking for permission. They always believe it is their right. In marriages. Most people feel like why should they beg their husband or wife. But it is not a crime to do so in marriage. It even makes the marriage more romantic. When you say please you are showing your husband or wife that you respect him or her.

2. Thank you: even though we all know that we can never satisfy human being. It is still good to appreciate yourselves in your marriage for anything done for one another, it would make your husband or wife want to do more.

3. Sorry: when someone as done something wrong and he or she does not say I am sorry. It would be really difficult for the offended person to forgive the person. But when the word is said the anger in the offended person begins to fade away gradually. Take for example children that are fighting, when they are separated and asked to tell eachother sorry, they beging to play again as if nothing ever happened. This can also be applicable in marriage. The inability to apologize for something wrong has led to many broken homes today.

Please note these words may just be five and six letter words but I tell you their is power in them.

Also put you marriages in prayer. Without the help of God other things could destroy your perfect marriage. I pray nothing would destroy your home in Jesus Name

Content created and supplied by: Ramzythegifted (via Opera News )


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