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7 Lovely Messages You Can Send to Your Partner

A relationship is all about love, understanding and someone that will always be there for you. When you enter a relationship with a person, you take the pledge that you will be by their side during the time of happiness and anger.

Although during that period, most people will not like to go out, so guys if you are far from your lady, here are some lovely messages you can send to her

1. Life is full of good and bad moments, that's why out love for each other is unconditional, let me accompany you, let me give you my love and comfort during this hard time in your life.

2. There are things that no matter how hard we try we cannot change, but even so they make us feel sad. I understand you, my love and I will help you get your cute smile back and get back to your feet.

3. I invite you to go out and talk a little and if you don't want to, I can accompany you at your house because I want to pamper you and make you smile again my princess.

4. Problems are part of our lives and if you think they are very big, remember that our love for one another is bigger than that.

5. Time always helps to heal wounds, you are also a very brave woman and you have great strength, babe, you will see that everything will improve and get back very soon.

6. I always remember that time that I was sad and you did everything in your power to lift my spirits, now it's my turn, I want to show you my love and gratitude.

7. I am going to prescribe a high dose of our love, several times a day for the rest of our lives, you will see that you will feel better in no time.

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