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Ladies, Here are 4 Signs That He is Not The Right Man For You

Many people are worried because they don't know if they are with the right person or not. Many of them learn the truth when they get married. Marriage is such a delicate thing and should be handled with care. If he's not the right man for you, there are ways you would know. Many ladies ignore these little things thinking they don't really matter. In the real sense, these little things determine a lot. Below are some signs that he is not the right person for you:

1. Does he make you happy or bitter?

If you are in a relationship where you are always sad,it means you are in love with the wrong person. There are times things don't go smoothly with our relationship and we go through a hard time. However, it's only once in a while. If you are always sad everytime, what then is the joy of being in a relationship? If you are always sad because of your relationship,it means you are with the wrong person.

2. Your views are not recognized and considered

If you are in a relationship where your views are not recognized let alone considered, you are with the wrong person. The right person will welcome your ideas and opinions even if he or she doesn't agree with them. This is what respecting people's opinions mean. You give them a say and recognize their views even of it contradicts yours.

3. He makes you feel like he is doing you a favor by dating you

Do not let anyone trick you to believing that he's doing you a favour by dating you. Many girls have lost their respect because of their man. The right man will make you understand how important you are to the relationship. If you ever find yourself in such relationship, I would advise that you quit such Relationship. There are better people out there who will appreciate you and boost your self esteem. This is a sign that you are with the wrong man.

4. He gets angry easily and becomes violent

If you find yourself in a relationship with a man who gets angry easily and becomes violent, he is not the right person. I still wonder why some young ladies stay in Relationships where their boyfriends physically abuses them. This is a big red flag that shows that you with the wrong man. I'm not saying you won't have issues in a relationship or your man won't get mad at you,but, the moment he starts to hurt you, it's getting out of hand. To round this off, for you to meet the right man, you also need to be the right woman.

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