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Signs someone is constantly thinking about you

We are all much more connected than we realize. On this planet, it is impossible for any one of us to act in a vacuum. Even when we believe we are alone with our thoughts, we are unbreakably connected to every living and non-living thing in existence. Because of these connections we share with one another, it is absolutely possible to receive signs someone is thinking about you

In fact, when someone is thinking about you, it is impossible to not receive the signs that this is happening.Whether it’s an ex-lover, a family member, or a stranger you passed on the street, you can use these hints from the Universe to discover whether you’re on their mind.

1. One of your eyes itch or twitches

There is a superstition that many people believe is more than just the itching or twitching of an eye. If you suddenly find that your eyes are exhibiting this behavior, it could indicate that someone out there has you on their mind.

In men, it is believed that right-eye itches and twitches point to positive thinking about you, while in the left eye, those thoughts are negative. This is reversed in women, so their left eye twitching indicates positivity while right-eye itches aren’t too good.

Naturally, if you’re dealing with allergies or any problems that might affect your eye, you can safely ignore this omen. Do note that stress, diet, tiredness, and other factors can lead to eye twitching, too; additionally, that some serious eye conditions can cause itching, so don’t overlook medical causes.

2. Your cheeks burn

If your cheeks suddenly feel burn without any physical reason, most likely you are in the thoughts of a certain someone, it could also mean they are talking about you (most of the time you are bad-mouthed though). You could say the burn on the cheeks as a distant slap and that person has ugly thoughts towards you. So when you experience this, make sure to reflect yourself in case you just did something terrible in the past that you may not realize.

3.Getting goosebumps

Goosebumps are typically a reflection of very strong, emotion-based thoughts surrounding your person, so they’re a surefire sign someone is thinking about you. Though they can be a physical reaction, they are also very rooted in emotion – hence why you get goosebumps from memories and other factors.

It’s highly likely that if you get goosebumps for no discernable reason, someone could be thinking of you because they find you very attractive and want to be with you. Usually, though, thoughts manifesting as goosebumps mean that the person in question has psychic abilities – so you’ll want to think about how to deal with the situation!

4.Dream contact

If you keep seeing someone in your dream, especially someone you haven’t seen in a long time, they might be thinking of you. Their thoughts regarding you might be strong enough to transmit to you and manifest in a visual form when you dream.

Your dreams may show you what they are thinking, or what kind of vibe their thoughts have; much of the time, however, a dream with someone in it doesn’t give you a lot of detail. In this case, there’s no way to know for certain whether they are thinking positive thoughts or bad ones.

5.Mid-Meal Discomfort.

When you’re eating by yourself and not even talking to anyone and then suddenly you begin choking or coughing on your food. This sudden choking sensation could be due to tension in your mind, and somehow you can feel that you are a topic somewhere. In this case, our subconscious is feeling the tension of someone close to us, and in response, our body experience that tension.


It is stated that when someone thinks about you, your nose might start to itch, which causes repeated sneezing.

Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re sick at the time. But if you’ve caught a case of the “achoo’s” for no discernable reason and you don’t have a cold, you just might be the center of someone’s thoughts.

Can you tell what kinds of thoughts they are? Two sneezes in a row indicate that someone is talking negatively about you. For three consecutive sneezes and above, then that someone has only positive thoughts about you and might even be missing you or in love with you!

7.You experience sudden and unexpected emotions.

In the middle of your daily activity, without any trigger or anything at all, you feel a sudden urge of sadness or emotionality. This could be a sign that someone misses you. Think about it for a moment, you may be precious to someone and you not being by their side makes them deeply sad. Or well, it could be that you are stressed enough, so you suddenly feel some warmth in you.


Getting the hiccups can be quite annoying. It’s pretty common to get them after eating, but completely random hiccups can mean that there’s someone who is thinking about you. Unfortunately, it usually means someone is badmouthing you or complaining about you, but keep your positive thinking – there’s also a way you can tell who's thinking them!

You might notice that you tend to get hiccups when you’re around a certain person. This means that that is the person who has been talking smack. Now you can confront them or steer clear of them – whichever you prefer.

But before jumping into conclusions hiccups can be cause by excess eating,excess drinking,medication and many more.

Content created and supplied by: Chris_B (via Opera News )


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