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10 Things I Cannot Do For Partner In The Name Of Love

Love is a wonderful thing, and I hope that all guys could feel it. However, the same love can drive us to do wild and unthinkable acts. We are trained in marriage to be selfless and to think about our partners in everything. The word "me" is replaced by the new term "us" in marriage.

Despite all of these lessons, there are some things I am unable to provide for my partner. I just can't do it if you want to term it "selfish." They are as follows:

1. I can't be the only one who does everything all of the time. Marriage is supposed to be a team effort. Chores are not forbidden for men. He must be willing to clean the house, wash dishes, and do other household chores.

2. I can't stop making friends with other guys because of love. The fact that I'm married shouldn't prevent me from socializing with other men. Marriage isn't supposed to be a prison term.

3. I'm not going to share a joint social media account with my partner just because we're in love. Marriage, for God's sake, does not imply the end of privacy. I can't allow love to rob me of my personal space.

4. I can't agree with my partner on almost everything just because we're in love. We can't all be on the same page all of the time. On some points, I should be able to disagree with him.

5. I can't make myself sleep with my partner when I'm not in the mood because of love. He ought to be able to put up with me.

6. No amount of love can persuade a man to make my career decision for me.

7. Love will not compel me to abort my child for the sake of my partner. Someone who professes to love me should not even consider doing such a thing for me.

8. I can't kill for my partner out of love.

9. No amount of love can make me forget about my parents.

10. In the name of love, I cannot watch uninteresting movies with my partner.

You can leave yours in the comments area if you have one. Thanks.

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