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The most important virtue to have as a lady if you want to keep your home & have good relationships

Dear ladies,

Get character.

I will tell you a story briefly and then say what I have to say. Please, follow me.

I sat close to a beautiful young lady in a cab, on my way home from an errand. The driver was an aged man with white hairs all over his head. This was what transpired between the driver and this young lady.

The driver was trying to speak a dialect with another passenger in front. It was quite obvious he wasn't a native of that tribe. The passenger in front would correct the driver and they would both laugh over it. This continued for some time.

I cannot tell if the lady sitted close to me is a native of that tribe. So, she got irritated with the driver.

Young Lady: Please driver, let us hear word. What happened?

Driver: What's your business? Am I talking to you? My mind was telling me not to carry you.

That was it. The young lady lost it. I am not against the fact that she got angry. What got to me were her use of words.

Young Lady: Driver, what do you mean? Did I force you to carry me? Did you carry me for free? Look at this aged man with white hairs all over his head that cannot behave himself.(This one pierced me).

Driver: what did you say?

She repeated herself. The driver shook his head, and said I don't blame you.

Young Lady: why will you blame me? Did I send you to work?

(I was like, sister, calm down. It's okay. And in my mind I was praying she doesn't slap me, because I can't fight).

Young Lady: Don't tell me to calm down. Did I beg him to carry me? The fact is you (referring to the driver) have two options, either you drop me here and give me my money, or you take me to my agreed destination, and you don't have a choice.🙆🙆🙆

(Jesus!!! Cold chills ran through my spine).

I looked at this young lady and bled in my heart.


Bad character is a stigma. The thing about character is you cannot hide it for too long.

Dear ladies, get character, not only because you will need to get married, even when you are married, it is character that will keep that marriage. Character will keep you in that office. Character will make you live amicably with in-laws, friends and neighbors.

Character is like a ladder, it will give you a lift and assist your destiny.

Bad character stinks. 

Dear ladies, in all your gettings, get character. You will need it. Character is everything.

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