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My Partner’s Parent Refused To Bless Our Union Because Of This (Fiction)

Marriage is a life contract,not something you can think of doing and backing out easily,marriage is not a game and it is meant to be played by two matured individuals who are ready to walk the same lane forever.

I met my girlfriend 6 years ago,Haliyah.She is very beautiful,well mannered,religious and the same time brilliant.We started dating without a purpose but as time goes by we decided to take it to the next level,since I have nobody else,I decided to propose marriage

I was scared because I thought she would reject my proposal,I took her on a date night and in that restaurant right in front of everyone,I went down on my knees stretch out my hand with a ring,asking her “Will you marry me” my heart was beating fast and I couldn’t think of any possible consolation if she turn me down.She was staring at me and finally she said Yes.I was so happy and felt fulfilled, I am 29 years old while she is 26 years old,perfect.

It was time to go to her parents to officially ask for her hand in marriage.I muster up the courage and I followed her home accompanied with two of my friends,Alhaji and Alhaja as she calls her parents,are set of disciplined people,well composed and this began to scare forward to when Alhaji started asking some questions like where are you from? I said Oyo state,he said what religion do you practice? I said Christianity and this was where the matter became worse,he stood up and left

Haliyah followed him,I could here his thick voice lashing out at her,Haliyah came back to me and she looked sad,her Father had rejected our Union because I am a Christian and she is a Muslim.Haliyah suggested we run away together but I don’t want to get into trouble.

please advice me,Should I convert to Islam or I should just let her be? Or should I follow her plan of running away together? Please leave your advice in the comment box

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Alhaja Alhaji Haliyah.She Oyo


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