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3 Things A Man Should Never Do To The Woman He Loves

As a man, here are 3 critical things that you should never do to the woman you claim you love.

1. Don't Cheat On Her

If you know you're not ready to commit yourself and remain faithful in a relationship, there is absolutely no single reason why you should be in any.

Instead of hurting her feelings and putting her through a lot of emotional pain, just let her go since you want to be free.

2. Don't Compare Her With Other Women

Never make the mistake of comparing the woman you claim you love with another person. 

This is an easy way to get your woman angry and even destroy her self-esteem, as she's always going to feel like she's not good enough for you.

So even if you guys are having a heated argument, try to prevent yourself from doing this.

3. Don't Lay Your Hands On Her

Even though men are physically more powerful than women, that shouldn't be an excuse for you to lay your hands on her.

This is a very painful experience and if you subject your woman to go through this, the relationship between you guys might never go back to being the same.

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