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Don't Do These 9 Things To Your Mother If You Have Conscience

Who is a mother?

A mother is a woman crying to smile at her children. A mother is that woman whose heart is toward her children made of gold. A mother is a hungry woman who prefers to sleep to ensure that her children eat. A mother is that special woman who's willing to walk naked just to get clothed. A mother is this virtuous woman, through whom you were born. A Mother's definitions have no end.

Motherhood is one of the most important functions of many women that the Lord has assigned to them in their lives. Paul the Apostle says in his letter to Titus that women are assigned to love their children, to love their husbands, to be pure-minded, accurate, caring for the home, kind and dutiful towards their husbands. This is a good mother verse of the Bible, one of the most significant for understanding the importance of a wife and mother in a family and their role in it.

If there is to be a number two person after God in your life then that person is your mother. Your mother holds 50 percent of your destiny because you wouldn't have been alive to see today if she had aborted you. That you are that which you are today is the product of the prayers of your mother. She wishes you well forever. Day and night, She prays for you to make sure you become someone in life.

You decide to turn your mother into a piece of garbage now that you have arrived. I don't know who's reading this, but I know somebody I 'm talking to. This wife you are marrying is a family visitor. Becoming a part of you doesn't mean that she should be placed above your mom. You've married your wife and your activities toward the family have changed all of a sudden. You have to take permission from that visitor you called a wife before you send money to the woman who gave birth to you. Then she'll spread out on the couch now and authoritatively advise you not to send her the money or reduce the amount you 'd like to send her. Now, she dictates when and how you should go and see your mother.

You stopped your mum from visiting you because of your wife. You stopped calling her for upkeep or sending her money. Why do you have to do this to your mom?? Where did you get to your conscience?? You looked into the woman's eyes that gave you birth and called her a witch simply because your wife or some soothsayers cooked a story you shouldn't believe. Why do you have to do this to your mom? Where did your heart get to??.

You forget something so soon. You have forgotten that your wife's prayers for you can not do one-fifth of what your mother's prayers would do for you. I'm writing this article for those who lost their mothers. Your mother sleeps in a thatched house, and you live comfortably in a town duplex, so you can sleep well? Her house has no roof, she gets interrupted every day by the rain and you don't mind. If she finally dies of suffering; likewise during her funeral, you must build a house for her in the village. Whom do you mock?

The same woman who would like to sleep hungry so you can eat something for the night is starving in the village at the moment and all you can do is donate millions of Nairas to churches and mosques. Do you think God embraces money like that?? When it's obvious you can't take care of your home using your money. I know you had to forget the saying "Charity begins at home" Where is your conscience??.

I just want you to know something. No matter how black your mother is painted by soothsayers, know that if she is as bad as they are painting her, she'd killed you right from your young age. Now that she is about to reap the fruits of her labor, she can not suddenly become your enemy. Dear reader, even though you are not yet a survivor of this, do not treat your mother like this, please, if you have a conscience. Don't give your wife greater priority than your mother, because your mother is your first love. Treat her well; delight her with the fruits of her labor. Don't just give her money while she is sick, because sometimes hunger leads to sickness. Let her experience the joy de la maternité. In summary, here are things you shouldn't do to your mother if you have conscience;

1. Don't Forsake her.

2. Don't touch her

3. Don't insult her

4. Don't starve her to death

5. Don't love her less

6. Place nobody above her

7. Don't shout at her

8. Don't be the reason tears of sadness drops from her eye

9. Don't make her regret ever given birth to you

I know very sure that this message is for someone out there that has neglected his/her Mother and I hope this article goes a very long way and make a meaning to you. Please share this article with your friends and loved ones. thank you very much

Content created and supplied by: Blessingfrydey (via Opera News )

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