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Reasons Why A Guy May Not Give Up On A Lady Despite Her Attitude

Ladies love to play hard to get because it adds to their dignity and pride as a woman. They love to be chased even when they are showing signs that they are not interested.

That's why if they want to get married, they will love to marry someone who loves them regardless of their attitude.

A lady will love to get married to a guy who will love her regardless of her attitude, a guy who will not want to give up on her.

These are some of the reasons why a guy might not want to give up on a lady regardless of her attitude towards him.

They Are Besties

He might not want to give up on her because they have been close friends for a long time.

They attended the same school and have discussed some of their secrets with each other.

He sees her as a sweet companion and feels it will be nice to have her as a wife. That's why he might not want to give up on her.

He Truly Loves Her

Regardless of her attitude towards him, the guy might not want to give up on her because he has been truly in love with her for a long time.

Even if the lady is insisting that they should just remain best friends, the guy believes that the love he has for her is what matters.

He Still Has Feelings For Her

The guy can't stop thinking of holding her and having her around him all the time.

He desires physical intimacy with her, so he finds it difficult to let her go despite her attitude.

He loves her so much because, physically, she is the type of woman he would love to marry.

He Understands Her

Another reason why the guy does not want to give up on her is that he understands her, and he's trying to be patient with her.

He does not want to rush her, so he's giving her some time to make up her mind.

He Doesn't Look At Her Attitude

This guy might continue to ask for her hand in marriage because he doesn't look at her attitude.

He doesn't even see anything wrong in how she's playing hard to get because he already knows he will marry her eventually.

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