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Dear Women, Do This 5 Things If You Want A Guy To Notice You

In every relationship, there should be trust and love to build it up to a very high level. Relationship is a very sweet thing but sometimes it can get annoying and frustrating, but if you love that person and is loved by that person, the both of you can withstand the difficulty in every relationship. As a girl, if you have feeling for a guy and you want him to notice you, do this 5 things.

Here are 5 things you should do if you want a guy to notice you.

* Always Be Proud Of Yourself

If you have feelings for a guy, never hide in a corner and stare, always come out and walk around to make him notice you exist.

* Ask For His Help

If you want a guy to notice you, always find a way to talk him and also ask for his help, no matter how little.

* Look Him In The Eyes

If there is a senerio whereby your eyes clash together, make sure to look him in the eyes and don't take it off him.

* Talk About Your Hobbies

Always make out time to spend with him and share the sweetest things about your self with him.

* Dress Nicely

Always make sure to look exceptionally good and stunning, so as to get his attention and get him to notice you.

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