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5 Deadly habits that would ruin your Relationship as a man

The narrative is that men are promiscuous in nature, and it is difficult for a man to keep a relationship and stick to a lady.

Sadly, this is true of most men. But we won't deny the fact that there are still a lot of men who maintain a relationship.

If you are truly interested in keeping your relationship as a guy, not as a Playboy, then there are 5 habits you should get rid of.


It's not a lie that most men cheat. Some do it for fun, some do it to make their partner feel bad, some do it just to experiment but whatever the reason is, cheating is bad.

Do you know that cheating is the number 1 cause of divorce in most families?  

It makes couples to start keeping secrets from each other. sincerity and honesty disappear. The truth shall find you out and when the truth finally comes out that you've been cheating on your spouse, it would inevitably lead to separation.

2)Keeping late nights

Most ladies want a man that would be home and talk with them. Someone that is always available and a shoulder to lean on.

On the contrary, most men like being outside. Keeping late nights and hanging out with friends. You must keep your relationship first. Your relationship with your friends is very important but not more than your wife. 

Always be there for her. As interesting as going out at night is, home is better 

3) Keeping in touch with your ex

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Your ex should be your ex. Most times even after break up many guys would still be in touch with their ex. Some even go as far as getting intimate with her. 

Your ex should be in the past. You need to get over any pleasure you derive from your ex cause it will ruin your current relationship.

 It's difficult to get over someone you've shared a lot of time with, but time heals all wounds and since you have something better it's easier to move on.

4) pride.

Men are egoistic, men are haughty. You find it hard to acknowledge that you're wrong as a man. It happens, it's normal. 

The truth is that in every relationship, there would be quarrels and disagreement, and your ability to let go of your pride and say you're sorry would determine how far the relationship would go. 

Even when you're not wrong, you should be willing to let go of your pride as a man and say sorry. It would heal the relationship faster than waiting for the woman to apologise. 

ay sorry and move one

5) smoking and drinking

This is a little bit relative. It depends on the lady, but there are some women who don't like guys that smoke and drink. 

It's a very bad habit to cut off. But if you find yourself in a relationship with such a person, try your best to stop. 

If it gets difficult, tell her it is difficult and don't hide from her to smoke and get pleasure. Cause a secret kept is hurtful

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