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4 Qualities Of A Good Man All Ladies Should Look For

Every woman's dream is to have a decent guy with whom she would eventually marry. As a result of how women tend to fall so completely in love that they overlook the indicators that the man in question is truly interested in them. Because a good relationship requires the willingness of the man in question.

If a man does these things, please give him a chance in your life.


A decent lover will not drag you down the path of immorality, such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Premarital sex, substance abuse, and human trafficking are all examples of bad behaviour. A wonderful boyfriend encourages you to develop a close relationship with God through prayers and Bible study. I also encourage you to perform generosity for the greater good of society.


He encourages and supports your dreams: A decent man will encourage and support you to be useful to yourself and society as a whole. He pushes you through your challenges; he doesn't regard your success as a danger; instead, he offers as much help as he can because he enjoys seeing you succeed.


He doesn't take advantage of you: Any man who cares about you will not take advantage of you while you're vulnerable. He does not exploit you sexually, financially, or in any other way. Through honesty and sincerity, he encourages and empowers you to be the best version of yourself.


He does not condition you: A good man would condition you based on the relationship you have with him. He is patient with you, waiting for you to change your mind. He does things that put you at ease without putting your relationship with him in jeopardy. A man who puts conditions on his wife is a significant turnoff in any case; no respectable man puts conditions on his woman.

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