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Facts Everyone Should Know Before Getting Married.

It has been said that the 3 most important events in a person's life are his Birth,Marriage and his Death,of these he has no control over the first and little over the third,with respect to the second,he may if he will exercise considerable control.

But alas,nature is often allowed to take it's course with little thought of consequences, during courtship people hope that theirs will be the "Perfect Marriage"but once they married,they must take the bitter with the sweet,they must assume obligation,they must address themselves to work as well as to recreation,they must take life as it comes.

Actually,there are few marriages which can qualify as being one hundred percent perfect, this should incite a person to investigate those qualities which are known to have a bearing on the success of marriage and to make a studied effort to act wisely in his/her choice of a mate,successful marriage implies more than just a pleasant honeymoon."Till death do us part" is the final criterion on which a marriage must be judged,marital happiness is a measurable reality,and there are many bases on which it may be judged.for instance,happily married people agree in matters of finance;they agree in their choices of friends,in their selections of recreation,in their philosophies of life. they have kindred interests and activities,they have no regrets regarding their marriage,and they do not resort to persistent complaints regarding each other's shortcomings.

Even though there are many standard which young men and women should measure before getting married,the human element is still so great that considerable risk is involved.In other words,it is not possible for a young man and young woman to know each other well enough before marriage to understand in advance just how satisfactory the marriage will be,human personalities have a way of changing from year to year,so that characteristics or traits may blossom out in middle life which were not present in young adulthood.

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