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Husband and wife relationship

Because a person married before you doesn't mean they have defeated you- Reno advices

People this days jump into marriage because their mate are getting married or got married before them.

Marriage is not something you jump into without preparation, it's a lifetime commitment to your partner. Nobody is apprehending anyone for marrying late. So you take your time and plan before marrying. Most importantly make money before getting married.

Reno advices against marrying because a person married before you.

He tweeted "foolish people marry because all their mates are marrying. Wise people marry because they are ready for marriage. Marriage is like a football. Because a person married before you does not mean they have defeated you".

Don't be like a fool who marries because his mates are getting married, be like the wise that marry because they are ready. If you are not ready, do not marry.

Focus on becoming a better person first, then you can consider getting married when you know you are ready. Don't compete marriage with anyone.

In my opinion, marriage is meant for those who are ready and capable.

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