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Communication is important to a good relationship(opinion)

People interact with one another every day. Relationships are developed through these interactions. There are good and bad qualities in any relationship. I believe the three most important traits in a good relationship are communication, dependability and loyalty. These are some relationship traits you need for a true and positive relationship. I think it is important to work on your relationships by building these traits.

Communication is important to a good relationship.

You need good communication to know how the other person is feeling or thinking. Without communication you will never have a true relationship. You need good communication to solve problems and discuss your needs.

Dependability is a great trait to have in a relationship. You need to be able to depend on the people in your life. Dependability is knowing that your friends and family will be there for you when you need them in good and bad times. When you depend on a person you also trust them. I depend on my dad to pick me up after school. If he tells me he is going to pick me up, I trust and depend on him to be there. I know that my dad will always be there for me because he always has been. As in the story “Just Kidding”, DJ’s dad was there for him too. His dad helped him through a tough time and now he will know that his dad will always be there for him. This dependability is important in a relationship.

I think loyalty is an important trait that you need to have in a real relationship. Being loyal shows how important that person is to you. It means you would never do anything to hurt that person and you remain their friend through everything. I am a very loyal brother because I get upset if someone hurts my brother or sister. It makes me more angry if someone hurts them than if they hurt me. In the story titled “Just Kidding”, DJ shows his loyalty to his friend Brian. He shows his loyalty by defending Brian when Vince made fun of Brian’s hair. He turned the negative insult into a funny joke and Brian was grateful that his friend stood up for him. As you can see loyalty strengthens a friendship and is an important trait to a good and positive relationship.

There are many other traits that help to form good relationships. Good communication skills, dependability and loyalty are very important to me and my relationships. I think these are the three most important characteristics that are needed to have a positive and successful relationship. The more positive your relationships are, the happier your life is. And that’s why you should work on building your relationships with the people that mean the most to you. Communication skills, dependability and loyalty are the three most important traits to a good, important and meaningful relationship

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