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3 Things Most Ladies Hate To Hear From Their Man

There are several words that females despise when men say them, and it has nothing to do with offending them. Some women find certain words to be both touching and heartbreaking. As a male, you must not intentionally or unintentionally upset your woman by saying these words.

In this essay, we'll focus on these words and why you shouldn't use them on someone you care about.

1. Words like "I despise you"

You will break a girl's heart if you use this word on her who loves you. Men, under no circumstances should you express rage by saying you despise your girlfriend or wife. Some guys use these remarks when they are irritated, without realising the harm they are doing to a girl's heart.

2. I don't have any money, for example.

Ninety percent of women, I believe, despise hearing this word from their husband. When a woman hears these comments from her husband or boyfriend, she becomes irritated.

3. "I'm not coming home," for example.

Another thing that causes women's hearts break when they hear it from their man is this. Ladies do not expect their men to spend time with them elsewhere when they are supposed to be together. Women's envious nature causes them to be heartbroken when you inform them you're not coming home.

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