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3 Things Men Wants You To Do For Them Without Asking

It is so funny how men communicate their wishes to the ones they cherish. Men would take a bold step to open up and tell their spouses what they want. And when you do these things, it makes them feel good and appreciated and loved.

Some of these things can be so small and sometimes you might feel it's less important, but I tell you what, do these things and enjoy the best sides of your man.

However, when you do these things it doesn't mean caring for him is limited to these things I'm about to show us, of course, there are lots of things you can do that he would cherish and appreciate but these little things, a man might not ask but they love you to do it for them.

In this article, I'll be showing us 3 little little things men want you to do for them without asking.

1. Knot His Tie For Him

As simple as this looks, it is so effective in making him feel good. This is one of the things he wants but might not ask you. And if you're out there, you don't know how to knot a tie, I would implore you to watch YouTube videos to learn the basics on how to knot a tie. However, this can't only be don't when your man dresses corporate, if he's a lover of casual dressing, you can as well iron his clothes for him, it would make him feel good and lovable.

2. Rob his head 

Also, as small looking this is it is so effective in calming his nerves. When you rob a man's head it makes him feel good and it normalizes his hormones making him feel better when he's tensed up. Try this out with him and see how peaceful his speech would be. He would talk slow and nice at the same time he is making his points. However, this can only be done when you're having a nice time with him, probably, when you both are watching the television or when in bed with him, it makes him feel good. Do this and enjoy your man the more.

3. Place his head on your chest.

This is one of the most effective ways of making your man feel amazingly great and good. I tell you if there is something I've learned in life, it is that resting my head on my woman's chest is equivalent to having a rest of mind. Honestly try this and see how peaceful he would be. 

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