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Journey To Single 'Momhood'(True story)

A friend of mine whom we went to the same institution together got pregnant by her boyfriend at the time who also graduated from the same institution a year before,she didn't know she was pregnant cos she was busy with her final exams at the time. Few months after her exams she noticed she missed her period ,so she bought a PT test kit and it came out positive. Knowing the kind of person her father is,she became very afraid so then she took herself to a hospital to get rid of it but was told they don't do it any more,she went to 3 hospital in a small town in osun state with the same response. Finally she was introduced to a doctor in the the same town,when she got there she did necessary to see the doctor ,she saw the doctor and he asked how far along is she and she said 2month and then he asked her to lay on the streched bed so he could examine her,so he examine below her tummy and then drop the bomb on her saying he doesn't think the pregnancy is 2month and that he believed she should be in her sixth or seventh month,what is what came out her mouth ,the doctor asked her when saw her last period and she said 2months ago,then the doctor explain that it's possible and then at seven month it still doesn't look like you are that far gone. Crying profusely,she ask the doctor what he can do for her,he said he wouldn't be able to do the D&C on her but he offered to give her an injection to put in labour after three days which she took. On her way home from the doctor,she called the boyfriend who is already acting up at time and told him the situation on ground,then he said why is she telling him now,she responded that she was confused at the time and then he told her to go and give it to the person responsible. Knowing fully well she has never cheated on him with anyone,she became so angry with him and so she cursed and insulted him.

Before the week runs out she noticed the injection didn't work and it seem it made the pregnancy very noticeable and then to matter worse it was like the blindfold was being removed from her parent face,they began asking questions about her tummy coming out, which she told them it's because she getting fat . The next day she ran to a neighbor and opened up to her and asked for help,the neighbor told her they could get rid of it using herbal method,she was desperate so she agreed,then the neighbor took her to a man and the man requested for too much

money which she couldn't afford and the neighbor couldnt help either so she went back home disappointed. On getting home her elder sister asked her about what's going on with her, thinking she could help her,told her everything. The elder sister knowing how much their dad love her younger sister went straight to their Dad and just blurted it out not minding how much it will break him and her mum,there and then the father sent her packing, a decision her mother went against immediately. Their first child and son who reside in a town in kwara state and whom the elder sister also staying with took her in and took care of her, there and then her journey to be a single momhood begin s.

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