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Ladies Please Avoid These 5 Kinds Of Men

Today on relationship, we are going to be talking about the 5 type of men every lady should avoid, when you come across this type of men, ladies just pick up your slippers, dust it, and then run for your life. 

1. The stingy: You see this kind of men they are the true definition of stingy, they can never drop their one Kobo for you and to even crown it they will still ask you to borrow from them. When I say stingy men please don't get me wrong am not asking you to go about and start begging every man you see for urgent 2k. What am saying is that there is an extent to which you will know someone and after a while you begin to notice how closed their hands are, they never give, every time they will keep narrating their life story of they don't have. Please avoid this kind of men they will do you no good.

2. The proud: There are many ways to spot proud people, you can even spot them by their footsteps and by their speech, they will keep reminding you of how they are better than you and how they are doing you a big favour by been in a relationship with you. And at every little instance they will make you feel less a woman. Ladies avoid proud men by all means so you don't sink into depression.

3. The fighters: Men that fights are not too good, at every little thing they have already raised their hands to start fighting, if you end up getting married to that kind of man, don't be surprised if he raises his hands to beat you one day. It starts Little by little, his always fighting with the conductor for his change am not saying it's bad to collect your complete change, am just saying there are other peaceful ways to go about it other than fighting. So if you get married to that kind of man one day it will be your turn to get beaten.

4. The mummy's pet: Ladies! Ladies!! Ladies!!! I know you want to get married before the end of this year but it doesn't mean you should jump at any given opportunity, any boy that is too bounded to his mother in terms of decision making will not stop it once he gets married to you, it's better you know that now, If you think that when he gets married to you he will stop asking his mum for opinion as to what to cook in the house then you are in for a big joke, please avoid any guy that is a mummy's pet, they never change and it will make you encounter problems in your marriage. 

I hope I have spoke your mind, if you are already entangled with these kinds of men, it's not too late to leave. Drop your reactions to this post in the comments section and please don't forget to like and also share.

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