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42 year old lady seeks advice after her boyfriend of 9 years who dumped her now wants her back.

A lady has come to Twitter to narrate the dilemma she is currently in after her boyfriend of 9 years dumped her to marry another lady but now wants her back after hearing her success story. She said in her post that after dating this man for 9 years, he dumped her to marry another lady. She also noted that she has two children for him already.

She had to leave Lagos back to the village because she couldn't afford Lagos life on her own. After a while, she met up with another man who is also married and they started dating. But this other man is way older than her but provides everything for her. He proposed to her to be his second wife.

When he Ex boyfriend heard about this, he came back asking her to marry him also. She also noted that his current girlfriend has no child for him while she has two for him and he wouldn't want another man to raise his kids. She concluded by seeking the advice of NIGERIANS.

Below are screenshots of advices given to her by some NIGERIANS. Don't forget to follow and like this page for more juicy contents. Thank you.

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