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The Right Person Would Need Whatever You Already Have

I use to believe that Loving someone will take a lot from you. Not just your energy but material things and other things you could hardly give to other people or not ready to let go. Over the years I come to realize something.

That the right person needs whatever you already have. If you have to change for someone or get what you cannot afford for someone, it might be that the person is not right for you. Love is to be like a home. Where you will feel happy and not feel you would have to sacrifice yourself all the time for your partner's happiness.

I also learned that the right person wants you. You wouldn't know how fun, comforting, and interesting love could be until you meet someone who loves you for you. 

Determining who is right for you has caused lots of complications in one's mind. You love someone and feel they should be the right one. You only felt they should be, they might not be. The right person would love you the right. Way.

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