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7 Myths that are not True About Marriage.

There are different myths about marriage that are not always true. In fact, it is better to know them and avoid them so that they will not be the reason why you will consider going into marriage or the reason why you will not want to marry.

Below are 7 myths I have discovered not to be true about marriage.

1. Marriage will make you rich.

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I have seen some people while advising young men that will say, "there is a level of wealth a man will never reach until he is married". This is not true. A man who is not yet balanced in life should try to make something meaningful out of life, have his stand before going into marriage. He should try to have a source of income. No man should borrow money to marry when he has no source of income just because he is hoping on this saying. Marriage will not give you automatic money.

2. Your s_x life will become boring. The truth is, couples are free to keep updating themselves on how to make their partners feel better during intimacy. You will not be stuck in one particular missionary for the rest of your life. You can explore other styles and another good thing is that you can have it when you want it in most cases. So, this myth should not prevent you from going into marriage.

3. Your spouse will know how you feel. The myth, "your spouse will automatically understand your mood" is not true. This myth can make you start saying, "I have been with you for six years and yet you can't still understand my mood." It doesn't always walk like that. There are times you will have to tell your partner how you feel for him/her to understand you.

4. You will never feel lonely. Picture Credit: Love Panky

Dating your partner can make you think that if you finally get married, you will always stay near each other and the issue of loneliness will end. But it doesn't work like this always. Your partner may travel to see his/her parents, he/she may go on a business trip or an official assignment that will take days or weeks and it may be this period that your body system will require him/her. You will have to wait till he/she is back. So the earlier you learn to be in control of your body the better.

5. A marriage that will last will not have challenges early. This myth also is not true. Some marriages will face challenges early, if the couple will commit to staying together and fight through, they will last a long term because they were able to handle their challenges together.

6. Only troubled partners go for counseling. Having this mentality can make it become too late for you to detect possible threats. Whether your marriage is moving fine or not, you need counseling and seminars. If your marriage is moving well, counseling will make it continue moving fine. If it is not moving well, counseling can be of help to set it straight. Read relationship articles, go for seminars, and counsel. You won't regret it

7. True lovers don't suspect each other in marriage. Let's face it, there are times your spouse will feel like something is not right between you and a particular person. Ordinary dreams in the night, what people are saying about man and woman infidelity, or what you watch in a movie can even make you start suspecting your spouse. So it is better to be aware of this and look for a way to handle it when your spouse starts suspecting you. Just smile and prove to him/her that what he/she is thinking is not true.

If not, when your spouse acts as if he/she didn't trust you after spending many years together, you may get angry and say "so after all these years of staying with you, you still think I can cheat on you" and you may take it too far.

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