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8 Things Your Partner Does That Can Kill Your Self-esteem

When you are in a relationship, your self-esteem is determined by the kind of person you are dating.

Your partner holds the key to improving or killing your self-esteem through what they say or do to you.

The following are some of the things your partner is doing that's killing your self-esteem.

They Won't Allow You To Make Any Decision

Your partner always wants to be the one to have the final say in every situation. He or she won't permit you to make any decisions in the relationship.

Makes Decisions Without First Asking Of Your Opinion

Your partner does something that will affect both of you without first asking for your own point of view about it before doing it.

He Or She Won't Allow You To Talk

Whenever you try to talk about an important issue that is going on, your partner feels he or she knows it all, and won't allow you to say your own view about it.

Always Showing You Negative Body Language

He or she shows you body language. That means they are not in support of what you say or do.

He or she may roll their eyes or frown to show that they disagree with what you say or do.

Not Showing Interest In Things That Are Important To You

He or she doesn't show interest or act immediately to do something very important to you.

He Or She Belittles You Through Their Speech

He or she talks down on you as though you are a child. Their words portray little or no sign of respect for you.

He Or She Kicks Against All Your Suggestions

Whenever you bring up an idea of how something can be done, they always say no to it and then suggest an idea that feels better to them.

He Or She Always Tries To Correct You

They will always find something to correct, amend, or adjust in almost everything you do because he or she is a perfectionist.

If there's any activity that you have just done, your partner would like to check for your mistakes and do some changes to what you have already done.

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