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Man Sees Lovers Wearing To-match Outfits And Jokingly Complains About Them (Video).

A man made a video in his car and from the video, he was driving with two lovers in front of him, walking side by side. He complained about how they behaved.

The lovers were both putting on black round-neck shirt or polo and a blue jean each, a to-match outfit which is typical for lovers like them. They were both carrying a bag with each of them holding a hand of the bag.

Speaking Igbo, the man said, "Look at these ones misbehaving. They are even putting on to-match. That bag is something one of them can just carry but both of them are carrying it all in the name of being lovers, mad people! If I use anger now, I'll just knock down these people."

Even though his tone was kind of harsh, we all know it's a joke and we can just laugh about it. It's so funny how you can be struggling with your love life and some people are just enjoying theirs with reduced stress.

See link to the video below:

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