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Happiness Will Still Be Far From You If You Can't Answer Any Of These 11 Questions

Happiness is a choice everyone must make inorder to be happy in life. Happiness is something we have to desire for before it comes to us. You don't sit and wish for it to come to you. You have to be intentional about making yourself happy and very happy at that. Remember that your life is yours to live and no one or anything have the power to take away your happiness without your consent. The author of "Emotional intelligence 2.0" Travis Bradberry said and I quote.."Happiness is synthetic; you either create it, or you don't. The happiness that last is created by your habits"

The photo above shows an unhappy person who is probably lost in the pool of her own thoughts. You might be unhappy right now just as the woman in that picture. But you don't have to be like that because you can be truly happy again if you can answer this 11 questions sincerely. These questions will truly reveal why you aren't happy and what to do to make yourself happy. Remember unhappiness came as a result of some formed habits and must also be broken by forming another set of new habits. If you want to form new and better habits, then you need to starve the old and bad ones. Below are the questions..

1. Do you feel too much stress?

This is where you need to understand that stress or pressure is part of our everyday life. We can't run away from it. We either stand and fight it or we get crushed by the weight of it. Are you stressed at home, office or by your friends? Why are they stressing you? What can you do to help deal with that stress? Are you focusing on your weaknesses rather than your strengths? Answer all these questions and you will happy again if stress is the main cause of your unhappiness.

2. Do you expect too much from people?

This is where some people get it wrong due to their expectations being crushed by those they have hoped on for one thing or another. Don't expect too much from humans because they will surely fail you. Humans are imperfect beings and so you don't expect them to do all you want them to do for you. Save yourself by living by this motto.."Expect the best and prepare for the worst from people. This philosophy will save you from a lot of heartaches and pains and make your life easier and happy.

3. Are you ungrateful?

Do you show gratitude for what people have done for you? Are you appreciative of other's contribution to your overall success in life? If you are not, please start showing gratitude to people who have been nice to you in one way or the other. This is the sure way to be happy too.

4. Do you compare yourself with people on social media?

Remember that people post what they want you to know about them on the social media. So social media shouldn't be a yardstick in measuring your success or failure in life. If you have comparing yourself with others online, please stop for your own happiness sake.

5. Do you hang around negative people?

This is the worst environment to ever find yourself in. These negative people breeds negative vibes like anger, envy, and inferiority complex which are bad for your happiness as a person. So stay away from such people and guard your happiness jealously.

6. Do you want to please everyone?

Doing that will surely rob you of your happiness because you can't please everyone no matter how much you try to. So stick to who wants you to please them and move on with your life.

7. Are you scared of the future?

You don't have to be because no one knows tomorrow and this same tomorrow will take care of itself depending on what you are doing today to prepare for it. Have no fear of the future but focus more on the present to get the best out of it. Doing that will surely make you happy and fulfilled.

8. Are you still thinking about the past?

This will rob you of your present and jeopardize your future if caution is not taken. You don't need to be living in the past because the past is already gone and never to be recovered again. Wouldn't it be wise for you to forget those hurtful pasts and start living in your present in order to create the desired happy life you always wanted?

9. Are you always alone?

I know it's very important to stay alone sometimes but you don't need to be like that all the time. The truth is that no one is an island, we are meant to be around other people for our own happiness. You can be frustrated or depressed if you are always alone or on your own all the time. You need to be able to strike a balance between these two processes. It's very important for your happiness.

10. Do you have goals?

This is very important if you ever want to go far in life. You need goals to direct your life as a person. Setting goals for yourself keeps you focused and determined in achieving them. This will surely make you happy when you are achieving those goals one by one. So do you have goals for yourself or are you living by chance or luck? The choice is yours!

11. Are you broke?

This can really make you very unhappy in life because money answers all things. Being broke can really keep you depressed, unhappy and frustrated for a very long time if you don't know how to deal with it. I know that money isn't everything but it enhances happiness. So go look for a job to solve this money problem and see happiness returning to you again.

Hope you have learnt one or two things from the above piece? Let me know what you think about this article in the comment box below.

Content created and supplied by: Okechukwunwoke (via Opera News )

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