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Ladies, Do These 5 Things First Before Allowing A Man To Visit You For The First Time

As a single woman trying to make ends meet, you should make sure you have some safeguards in place before allowing a man to pay you a visit for the first time, both for your own protection and so that you will not cry if you find out later, because prevention is far better than cure. Those details will be presented in this post; simply read it carefully.

As a single woman, you must be cautious of your personal safety and take all necessary precautions to guarantee that it is attained without fear or favour.

If a person comes to see you for the first time, don't tell him you trust him and that he is harmless; keep in mind that a book's cover might be very different from its content. Make certain to accomplish the following.


You must inform your neighbours, friends, and relatives, regardless of how long you've known him.

You must inform them that you will be receiving a visitor, identify the individual, and, if feasible, explain why he is visiting.


You must also take care not to dress inappropriately simply because you are at home.

The body can be very seductive, and not all guys are able to control their urges.


You should also make sure you know what his favourite meal is and provide it for him.

Trust me when I say that he will love you even more and want to take your relationship to the next level.


You must also maintain your home or room clean. Do not, under any circumstances, hang your underwear around the house for all to see, and keep your house in order.

This will raise his regard for you.


Finally, you must remember that he is coming to see you, and you must not ask another person to come see you so that he does not come in and see you with another man, as this would be heartbreaking.

Any other commitments you have must be rescheduled.

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