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Reasons Why Most Relationship Problems Can't be Solved

Love often triumphs over all, but not always. It's natural for relationships to have issues. After the honeymoon period, which lasts for the first few months of a relationship, difficulties begin to emerge. There will be disagreements and disputes. Some of these problems can be handled through mutual agreement, while others will never be resolved. Solving such issues is difficult. Here are seven such issues to be on the lookout for.

1. Your partner is unnecessarily argumentative

There will be instances when your viewpoint on an issue is so diametrically opposed to your spouse's that you'll be taken aback. Allow it to be as it is, and agree to disagree. As a pair, you must understand that no one wins if one of you is always correct. It's an issue if one or both couples start fights and then hunt for excuses not to forgive one other, It's made worse when the unwillingness to forgive is accompanied with a refusal to discuss the situation further.

2. Being pushed away by your partner

Each of us has an attachment type that influences how we behave in relationships. It will be tough for you to bridge the gap if you are comfortable being near and intimate but your partner has an avoidant and dismissive attachment style. It's exhausting to be around someone who is so avoidant. In fact, it has the ability to change a generally calm and self-assured individual into a needy bundle.

3. Partner who avoids you.

If two people with opposing views on intimacy wind up together, there will undoubtedly be conflicts as a result of their differing views on what it means to be in a relationship. You'll have a hard time bridging a gap with a spouse who is distant, dismissive, and uncomfortable with intimacy gestures if you need frequent confirmations of affection. If you don't get the affection you need, you may become insecure and emotionally demanding, which may drive the avoidant type away even more. This is a particularly tough type of incompatibility to overcome, and it commonly leads to a breakup.

4. Partner who is narcissistic.

Maintaining a relationship with a spouse who suffers from narcissistic personality disorder is an uphill battle. It will always be a never-ending cycle of manipulation, rejection, and inadequacy, only to be dragged back in by false promises and expectations of improvement. A partner who suffers from this disease is unable to feel empathy and is skilled at gaslighting and manipulating you into feeling guilty and remaining with them.

5. There isn't enough open communication.

If your partners are unable to open up to you and speak honestly about their thoughts and concerns, you may experience anxiety and disappointment. A life partner is someone with whom you share not only the good times, but also the bad, and knowing that you can rely and count on them in those situations is crucial in a relationship. If you don't have that sense of support and dependability in your relationship, it's a clue that you've selected the wrong partner.

6. Your lover is excessively engrossed in their past.

If your partner spends a lot of time talking about his or her history, it's unlikely that you'll be able to settle the situation no matter how hard you try. Your partner hasn't moved on from the past, which could jeopardize both your present and future. You'll get tired of listening to your lover repeatedly talk about his or her past after a while. This kind of relationship is certain to fail.

7. Your companion maintains a high level of secrecy.

This is not a good thing if your partner is overly secretive about his or her whereabouts or when you are not around. Having some "me" time and maintaining confidentiality are two completely different things. Too much secrecy will destroy your relationship and make you feel lonely and unappreciated. Every partnership or marriage should have a space for open communication and openness.

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