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Video: Watch Beautiful Moment A Lady Romantically Propose To Her Man

The narrative is changing, ladies are now doing what men are supposed to do. In this video, a lady surprised her partner by proposing to him. In this video, the ring was put in the man's food, when the man got to where the ring was on his plate, he was shocked immediately the lady took the ring, knelt, and asked the man if he will marry her, you can guess the shocked written on the man's face. He said yes and stretched out his hands to accept the ring. Cheers were coming from the people occupying the restaurant with them.

Click here to watch the video.

It was indeed a beautiful moment for both of them, the man was all smiling, this shows he was happy with the proposal. At a point, I was thinking the man will feel embarrassed and refused to accept her proposal.

This day, a lot is happening, things that are done in a certain way are not happening as usual. Before it a sacrilege for a lady to be bold enough to ask a man out let alone to propose, the man will even reject the advance towards him immediately, those days men find it offensive when a lady comes to them. They always want to be in charge and authority at all times.

I cheer this beautiful lady for her boldness and courage. So ladies learn from her, if your man is not proposing, make it easy for him by popping the questions ( will you marry me) if he wants you in his life. This is when you will know if he has been deceiving you or not.

I wish them the best of luck in their marital journey. Please follow for more interesting updates.

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