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Benefits of Getting Intimate With Your Partner

According to a research, it is normal for you to get intimate with your partner everyday. There are times that people get intimate frequently, especially when they want to have a child. Couples may get intimate up to 3 to 4 times in a day, when they go for honeymoon after marriage. It is important to know that getting intimate with more than one person, can make you open to different kind of infections. It is advisable to protect yourself when getting intimate.

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There are benefits of getting intimate everyday with your partner, and these benefits are:

1. A lady's private organ will become well lubricated.

2. Getting intimate improves your immune system.

3. It may reduce blood pressure.

4. It may reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer in men.

5. It allows you to sleep properly.

6. It relieves you of stress.

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Getting intimate with your partner everyday, allows you to create an emotional connection between you and your partner. It is important that you shouldn't force your partner to get intimate, when they are not ready. Forcing your partner to get intimate is known as s£xual coercion.

Getting intimate with your partner may not be advisable if the following occurs:

1. If your partner is sick, then it is not advisable to get intimate with the person.

2. If your partner experiences inflammation or irritation in her private organ.

3. If getting intimate interferes with your work and life.

Source: Medicinenet

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