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4 Reasons Why Single Mothers Make Better Wife Materials

Who is a single mother? A single mother is a woman who has given birth to one or more children, while she remains unmarried. 

In this African part of the world, single mothers are usually looked down upon, and treated with disdain. Personally, while I was a little bit younger, I used to carry the mindset that I can never propose marriage to a single mother, because I can't be responsible for another man's kids. Likewise also, I have a few number of friends that carry the same opinion as mine.

However, I came to realise that single mothers are not that bad, as the society has painted them. In fact, they are one of the most responsibile, hardworking and decent ladies you'll ever meet. Without wasting much time, I present to you four strong reasons why single mothers make the best wife materials. They're listed as follows;

1. Single Mothers Are More Responsible

It remains an unarguable hypothesis that single mothers make the best wife materials because they're more responsible than the average single ladies, out there.

One reason is that they have been conditioned to take responsibilities over the welfare and well being of their children, without any external assistance. Therefore, it becomes a bonus for any man that end up with such woman, because her sense of resposbility will help a lot, in that marriage.

Unlike, single ladies that are still depending on men to take care of them, most single mothers are independent women.

2. Single Mothers Are More Submissive

It's quite another point that single mothers are more submissive to their men, than single ladies. Most often, single mothers have little experiences of dealing with men. They know how to please a man more, probably because they've been in a relationship before.

They also know the importance of having an happy and peaceful home. Therefore, they put in their best efforts to remain submissive as good wives, to the men in their lives.

3. Single Mothers Are More Homely

Another reason why single mothers make the best wife materials is that they are more homely than single young girls. In real sense, they know how to take of the home, they know how take care of a man and family.

More so, single mothers have the ability to keep a home together in unity. This characterstic alone is a factor that makes them more suitable as wife materials.

A single mother knows how to cook delicious meals for her man and children. A single mother knows how to play diplomatic relationships with her in-laws. In short, single mothers know how to run a home more effectively than the average single lady, who has no experience of how to keep a home.

4. Single Mothers Are More Lovely

Another reason why single mothers make perfect wife materials is that they know how to show affectionate love to a man. They also know how to reciprocate the love of a man.

There are few cases of single moms that have been in one marriage before things went wrong. So, these set of women do appreciate love and care from their men because they know the worth of a man's truly caring about them. Therefore, they don't take the love of their men for granted.


Single mothers are beautiful, kind-hearted women. I know some of you will say she isn't supposed to be a single mom, if she was nice to the father of her kids.

No, let me say this; this is a world where patriarchy is dominating the ideology of things. The fact that we have single unmarried mothers can be attributed to the high number of irresponsible men we have, out there.

If every man will take responsibilities for their women, the number of single mothers in our societies will reduce. That's the main truth.

Therefore, as much as I'm concerned, single mothers make the best wife materials.

What do you think about this topic? Drop your opinions in the comments section.

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

Content created and supplied by: OduseDavid (via Opera News )



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