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Husband and wife relationship

Why most wives disrespect their husband.

It is a common practice among wives to disrespect,disregard and dishonour their husband.Husband was created to be the head of the wife but many wife does not see their husband as the head.many wife are ready to take the leadership position from their husband.A lot of factors contribute to wife disrespecting their husband,husband who act as the head and attend to all his function will be respected by their wives.

What is disrespecting of husband?

Disrespecting of husband is an act by which a wife disvalue the action,character,authority of her husband and this lead to rival in the home.

Most wife disrespect their husband because:

★Betrayal of truth.


★Sole decision making.

★Individual difference.

★Belitting your wife before your family members.

★Irresponsible attitude.

★Lack of correction.

★Challant attitude to progress of the home.

★Money or resources waster.

Reason why wives must respect their husband are:

★They are head of the family.

★They are second to God in command.

★So that our prayers wouldn't be hindered.

★They are our shield.

★They are part of the strong pillars that support the wives.

No matter our breakthought as a wife,you must give our husband due respect that deserve from us.

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