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Stop Saying "He is my Cousin brother" Its wrong and inappropriate rather use this word.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a Cousin means a child of a person's Aunt or Uncle.

A lot of people often misused the word "Cousin" by adding brother to it which is wrong in the English Language.

Cousin is genderless and in itself means brother or sister. So, 'cousin brother' & 'cousin sister' are both wrong. It should be 'cousin' only. One should say like the following

e.g. He is my cousin. ✔✔

She is my cousin.✔✔

He is my cousin brother❎❎

She is my cousin sister ❎❎

The 'he' in the sentence indicates that the cousin is a 'male' or female ".So, there is not a need for using 'male cousin' too. 

The word ‘cousin’ is borrowed into English from French, where the gender difference is only noticeable in a slight difference in pronunciation - cousin (male) vs. cousin (female)

I hope you got value.

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