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Wedding Rings: What They Mean And What They Stand For

During the wedding, one important factor that shows that you are committed to a lifetime journey with someone is your wedding ring.

The bride puts the ring on his finger, and the groom puts the ring on her finger. It's a sign that you and your partner are being joined together.

Married couples use their wedding rings every day to recall their promises and love.

This idea of giving and receiving a ring during a wedding started many years ago, and the following are its symbols.

It stands for eternity.

The shape of the ring is a circle with no holes or space in between, which is symbolic of endlessness.

The rings are put on the fingers as a symbol of love that will exist until death separates both partners.

It is put in your left hand's fourth finger because there's a blood vessel on that finger that is believed to be connected to our hearts.

If the person wearing it is lefthanded, he or she will put it on the 4th finger of their right hand.

Therefore, it symbolizes that two hearts are connected forever.

It stands as a contract between the two families.

The ring is a symbol of agreement between the family of the bride and the groom that they legally join them together.

It stands for commitment, love, faithfulness.

The husband and wife are bound by the ring to always demonstrate undivided attention and constant support for each other.

You promise to love your partner forever, no matter what the future may hold. It doesn't matter whether it is good or bad.

Couples are instructed to say the marriage vows before putting on the ring. It stands for faithfulness to one another and no one else.

This is why many couples wear their wedding rings all the time, and when they remove them, you will see that their fingers have been seriously indented.

If you are married, please ensure you always use your wedding ring.

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