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5 Ways To Spot A Good Wife Material

When we talk about spotting a good wife material, it must be noted that we are not talking about going to the market; or a shop to buy a fabric or a piece. Spotting a good wife material simply refers to qualities men should lookout for in a lady, to determine how suitable she can be as a wife. Here are some few qualities to lookout for, before you go ahead to marry a lady and make her your life partner.

1) Is She Penny Wise ?, This is a very big factor con consider before you can even think of marrying a lady. How good is she with money, is she the kind of person who knows how to try to maximise as much as she can from whatever little money she has, or is she the extravagant type, who always thinks about spending unnecessarily and buying expensive things which she cannot really afford on her own. If she is the extravagant type, then your best option as a man is to flee away from her, otherwise you may end up in financial ruins.

2) Is She Decent: Although the chances of people marrying a lady as a virgin these days is quiet slim, no matter how you surely don't want to end up being stucked with a lady who has a big history of promiscuity, or who is a renowned fornicator.

3) She Must Be Very Respectful: Respect is a commodity every human being desires, and value soo much. Whether young or old, big or small, no one likes being disregarded and disrespected, and certainly no one likes a disrespectful person either. A lady who is to be a good wife material must be very respectful and kind.

4) Calmness: No man likes a lady who is unnecessarily irrational, hot headed and lousy. A lady who is to be a good wife material must be very calm like the cool breeze, very gentle as the sea but also firm in her ways.

5) She Must Be Homly: A lady who is to be a good wife material must be very homly, welcoming and accommodating. She must always try to make her guests as well as her husband's guest, feel welcome and appreciated.

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