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5 Ways You Can Increase the Love and Intimacy in Your Marriage or Romantic Relationship.

Do you want to have love and intimacy in your romantic relationship? If your answer is ‘yes, then I will suggest you keep reading this article because it contains the right information you need.

Love, intimacy and commitment are good virtues that do not just happen in a relationship by default, there are intentional and conscious efforts that were put together by either or both partners. As an individual who sort to achieve these aforementioned values in his or her relationship, it then becomes important you adjust to certain practices. Below are some of them.

1. Communicate regularly.

Communication, as you might know, is the soul of every relationship. A relationship devoid of healthy communication between lovers is prone to misunderstanding, emotional tension, lack of continuity and other negative relationship traits you can possibly think of. As an individual who wants a healthy relationship, it becomes important you establish a fun and interesting atmosphere of communication with your partner on a regular basis.

2. Take your partner out to fun and amusing places from time to time.

The idea of taking your partner to fun and exciting places like; an amusement park, cinema, relaxation centre, eatery, and other beautiful places can strongly enhance the bond in your relationship. The rationale behind this act is to create a memorable moment with your partner.

3. Practice forgiveness.

‘Show me a relationship where there is no forgiveness, and I will show you a relationship that is bound to fail’. Forgiveness as you might know; is a strong virtue that is needed for any relationship to succeed. It is definitely a fact that romantic partners are prone to offending each other - either in their lifestyle, attitude, speech, or gestures, and when this happens; it only becomes important for one to practise forgiveness because it is only on that ground the relationship can become a success.

4. Always add “please”, "I'm sorry" and “thank you” to your communication.

These words are simple, but powerful enough to ensure peaceful coexistence in any relationship - be it a romantic one or not. The practice of apologizing when necessary and equally showing appreciation to one’s partner is a good approach that can improve the state of one’s relationship.

5. Engage in a more romantic exercise. 

Research has shown that partners who are more given to sexual interaction and a romantic life tend to have a healthier relationship than the one where these practices are lagging or not adequately done. As an individual who wants intimacy in his or her relationship, it then becomes important you engage in a more appealing romantic life with your partner.

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