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Opinion; Be Careful About Who You Choose As Your Confidant, Here Are The Things You Mustn't Tell Anybody!

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This life can be simple and complicated at the same time, depending on your own view. Most times , people do things without giving it many thoughts and they think it's the right thing. Well, in this post, I'll like to tell you some of your secrets you should never reveal to people.

Many people has confidants that they tell everything but you need to be careful about the type of people you choose as confidants. Anyway, I'll tell you some of the things you shouldn't reveal to anyone in this post. See them below.

1)Your income.

Ha, this life is something o. Please endeavour not to reveal your income to anyone. Just don't do it.

2)Your past.

Sometimes, we all have gone through some things in our past and it sometimes define us. However, no matter how painful your past is, be careful not to reveal it. Some people might just use it against you.

3)Your favours and good deeds.

No matter, how kind you are, never real the favour you've done for others. The good deed you did for maybe a family, friend or even a beggar, take note not to reveal them to anyone.

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