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7 Common Problems in Most Marriages and How they Can be Avoided.

No marriage or romantic relationship is completely a bed of roses as every relationship has its own issues or challenges. According to research, it is discovered that most marriages from the different corners of the world are in shambles or one form of dilemma or the other. It is furtherly revealed by studies that a good number of these marital issues are spurred up from common misunderstanding and not adopting the right approach in dealing with them.

Regarding this article, we shall be examining 7 common marital problems that are predominant in our society today and the possible ways to deal with them.

1. Lack of communication.

Research has shown that many relationships today have collapsed because of the inability of couples to establish a healthy atmosphere of communication and togetherness. Communication as you already know; is the soul of every relationship, thus; any relationship being it marriage or others that wish to grow, its partners must establish good and effective communication between themselves.

2. Taking each other for granted.

Neglecting the position of one’s spouse, or taking advantage of the simplicity of one’s partner for granted is one behaviour that can heavily sabotage the peace in a romantic relationship. This is more evident when a partner does things without considering the detriments of his or her actions. As an individual who sorts for a relationship of peace and tranquillity, it becomes important you avoid such traits and conform to practices that will strengthen your relationship rather than diminishing it.

3. Money issue or challenges.

The lack of money can sometimes be a heavy hindrance to commitment and love in a relationship. The issue of lack or inadequate finance for couples can best be submerged if they are willing to work together in understanding, hard work at their different walks of life, plan according to their limited resources and strive for a better future together.

4. Distrust.

This is definitely one of the most prevailing issues in most marriages today. As a matter of fact, this issue of mistrust has amounted to several broken marriages. As an individual who probably has such an issue in his or her relationship, it becomes important to know that the idea of constantly suspecting your partner's phone calls, social media messages and moves will only put you in a depressing state, thus; it is advisable you live your life freely without suspicion or worries in other not to endanger your health. 

5. Mismatched sexual drive.

The inability of gratifying one’s partner sexually has led to the disunion of most marriages today than any other factor. I quite understand It might not be your fault your partner isn’t sexually satisfied, however; you can save the situation by having a personal dialogue on what turns each other on, or better still; you both can see a counsellor or relationship expert on such issue. 

6. Jealousy.

Jealousy on the part of one’s spouse can be another contributing factor to marital disunity. This trait can be managed when an individual studies his or her partner’s character and adjusting to possible means of not doing the contrary. In other words, if you notice your partner is the type that easily gets jealous about the opposite gender, it then becomes necessary you limit your close association with them most especially when your partner is around.

7. Unrealistic expectation.

Seeking or desiring things that are beyond your partner’s ability is another factor that can incite relationship problems. For instance, it is totally unrealistic and irrational for a woman whose husband earns forty thousand naira monthly to request a Porch or Lamborghini car. Such a request will obviously stir up domestic conflict. As an individual who wants to have a peaceful relationship, it then becomes important you “sew your cloth according to your size”, and not pressure your partner over something he can barely afford.

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