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Why Is Love Not Enough In A Relationship?

You can fall in love with anyone for the little things they do, but it doesn’t mean you can be a perfect couple for the rest of your life.

Love isn’t a sure cure for every problem that we have in our relationship. It is so not the final solution for our pains and struggles in life.

This is why it is necessary to not overestimate the power of love and keep it real. While you believe that “you need love”, along with it, you need respect and humility as well.

To me there’s way more important things in order to make relationships work. People have false ideologies about love and it’s importance in making relationships work. To further prove my point, almost all relationships when they end, you have both people still in love with their partners, which in turn causes serious withdrawal symptoms, sadness, depression, and missing their ex’s.They can never understand why because they still love them, it’s not working.

This is only my opinion here, but for me, there’s far more important qualities that are overlooked in order for people to find success in their romantic relationships, and I feel this is why relationships fail, even if you or your partner love each other with all of their heart. So, what are these more important qualities more than love?

- Respect

- Trust

- Compromise

- Humour

- Patience

- Picking your battles

- Lifestyle compatibility (Often overlooked)

- Quality time

- Forgiving and forgetting

- Friendship

- S*x

Love would be last on my list. Unfortunately, today most people don’t even know what the word Love truly means, the scale of it, and what is involved with it. This is why today’s modern timeline, you have so many people getting divorced. Their wedding vows are not taken literally by one or sometimes both people. People think love conquers all, but I would rather believe that respect is far more important than love.

Thanks for reading!!

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